“Can’t say enough good things about LTS Creative. For my Catering website, I walked in with a “Scrambled Eggs” approach. Only really knowing that I didn’t want it to look boring. They took my vision and polished up all my ideas. I have to say I LOVE it. I have received many Compliments on our website. Tom and Marvin were easy to connect with and fun. Not only did they do a great job, they would plug in a good word every now and again for the food they enjoyed from us. Highly recommend using these Guys for your Company!”

– Frankie Grieb
Frank n Dean’s Catering, President

“We have had the fortune of working with Lawrence Tech Services for over 12 years now. We could not be more happy with them and their representative, Melissa Wencel. She is not only very talented but is always responsive to our companies Internet needs. She not only handles the creative design management of our Website but helps build and develop our business through subscriber newsletters. My wife, Lori and I started our business in 2004 and within 5 years we became one of the most notable auction companies in the U.S. Our success has come from a lot of hard work and we consider Lawrence Tech Services and in paticular, Melissa one or our best resources in meeting and keeping our goals.”

-Mike and Lorie Eckles
Showtime Auctions, Owners

“Lawrence Technology Services/LTS Creative is a great business and member of the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber of Commerce. I have had the pleasure of working with Tom, Marvin, Melissa and their team over the past year on different projects that were critical in providing the necessary resources for the Chamber to effectively serve our members. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff, and overall quality of their work. As the president of a regional chamber of commerce, I feel that it is vital that we provide our community with credible businesses and resources that will help to build and enhance our region. Along with all of our members, I am proud to say that Lawrence Technology Services/LTS Creative is a valued partner of the SWCRC.”

-Ron Hindrichs
Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber, President